Development Updates

We love to keep you engaged with continuous development updates of BTCDraft.
We will update this page when any news comes out!

Testing and Improvements on Referral System, Optical Improvements and bug fixes, Game asset loader
  • Opened Referral program and integrated sign up referral functionality and improved reporting for users
  • Continued design and aesthetic improvements, as well as optimisations for mobiles and tablets in many areas
  • Further integration of game modules, presentation of games and upgrades to several game modules for better integration
  • Database performance optimisations
  • Further development of game API to allow for provably fair chance based games and outputs specific to game modules
  • Numerous bug fixes in many areas for stability and usability.
May 10, 2018
Beta in progress. Improved visuals, game module integration in progress
  • UI / Icon fixes after transition to new version of Icon Set
  • Improved Responsiveness
  • Working on Game module integration for the main Application
  • Standardized Game module display resolutions
  • Improved client/server communication on game plays and results
  • Added Modal Form for User Feedback (Tab on the right hand side of the public application)
  • Further visual improvements on the public application especially on header on footer sections
May 2, 2018
Bugs fixed, UI Improvements, Beta development
  • Bug on closing Support Tickets fixed
  • Started development of tablet and mobile versions of the web application
  • Fixed bug on document verification upload and added PDF file type
  • UI: Updated icons set, implementing fixes for outdated versions
  • numerous bug fixes, optimisations and layout improvements
  • integration of more games into the main web application
  • Continous updates and development on Beta Games, please check out our Telegram Beta Channel
April 10, 2018
Beta Testing started
March 28, 2018
Progress on Game API and Payout API, Improved Balance Syncing, Statistics
  • More progress with the game play api
  • Payout API for winning plays updated
  • Improved balances syncing on played games
  • Added gameplay statistics
  • Merging Game Betas into main Application
  • Set of Beta Testing games can be found on Telegram
March 24, 2018
Gaming API, rolls transparency, game app performance
  • Progress on development of gaming API
  • increased transparency on “provably fair” functionality to improve possibility to confirm results of plays
  • added build script for game apps to improve performance
  • added fee display for trades on internal exchange
March 15, 2018
DTether improvements, updates on ID verification procedure, improvements on server / sync. architecture
  • added sell / cash out feature for DTether
  • fixed an issue with DTether purchases that caused the users crypto and token balance to not refresh properly after their purchase was made
  • updated ID verification procedure for Users / referral program
  • fixed multiple database errors which would show when the application tried to refresh the user’s fDFT balance
  • added several options for fDFT distribution
  • Improved server synchronization with live market prices on buying/selling DFT or other currencies
March 9, 2018
Wallet security and Balance fixes, fDFT development, progress on DTether and referal program
  • Hardened Wallet Security
  • User crypto and token balance improvements and fixes
  • More development on referal program plus earning metrics for users
  • Started fDFT implementation
  • Continued progress and fixes with DTether
  • Performance enhancements to email dispatching system
March 3, 2018
User Interface, Wallets and Referrals
  • Improved Input Interface for better User Experience and to prevent the creation of invalid wagers/trades
  • Made progress on the referral system
  • Improved User Wallet functionality to reduce the possibilty of user input errors
March 2, 2018
Added Dtether, Improvements on Database Infrastructure
  • Improvements on internal coin exchange
  • Added DTether
  • Improved Database Infrastructure and Statistics
  • Fixing Bugs on Game Modules
February 24, 2018
Security, Account Recovery, Exchange Infrastructure
  • Improved Admin and User Security and Notification Structure
  • Database Infrastructure on Sign-up to prevent Users from locking out
  • Improved ease of use and usability for users and account password recovery.
  • Improved Infrastructure for the internal Currency Exchange
February 18, 2018
Improvements on game administration and implementation
  • Improved game administration and implementation
  • Improved game module integration
  • Hardening of account security for users to reduce impact of compromised passwords.
  • Allow for easier recovery of compromised accounts and locking out compromised sessions.
February 10, 2018
2FA and support improvements, DFT added to coinexchange
  • improved security and 2fa implementation
  • fixed a bug on currency management
  • further improvement on customer support integration
  • Draftcoin got listed at coinexchange
  • improved backend wallet management
February 9, 2018
2FA, Game Prototypes, Support System & Beta signup
  • added poker game prototype
  • added dice game prototype
  • added support ticket functionality
  • improvements on internal DFT exchange
  • added 2fa authentification for increased security
  • beta test signup opened:
February 2, 2018
Referral Program, Credits & Profiles
  • Customisable public profiles
  • Implementation of referral program
  • FAQ page created with updates to come
  • Integration of credit function
  • Continued game section development
  • General bug fixes
January 19, 2018
Game Related Functionality
  • Begin development of game section
  • Notification feature integrated
  • Various site functionality updates
  • General bug fixes
January 3, 2018
Coin Voting
  • Coin voting functionality added
  • User coin voting feature enabled
  • Email notification implementation and testing
  • Added user profile security features
  • General bug fixes
December 23, 2017
  • Withdrawal functionality created
  • Email communication implemented for withdrawals
  • Enhanced security features for withdrawals added
  • USD Balance feature was integrated
  • General bug fixes
December 14, 2017