Btcdraft’s Midyear DFT & fDFT Airdrop

  This is BTCDraft’s second Quarter Year Mark, and to Celebrate it, we are doing an airdrop! ( sound the alarm!! ) Now you can see your airdrop position and total rewards for every airdrop new and old. <- make sure to check that out! Get Rewarded in DFT for every game you play,… Read more »

Come play today with no I.D. required, our KYC Rules have been relaxed

Full DFT Casino play now enabled for new accounts ! BTCDraft is pleased to announce that we have been able to relax our KYC (Know your Customer) requirements for play in the casino. You can now play with DFT in the casino upon registration, by just confirming your email address.   Basic Player accounts will be… Read more »

BTCDraft is Proud to Present : Onsite STAKING & MASTERNODES!

  BTCDraft is Proud to Present : Onsite STAKING & MASTERNODES! It has been an interesting journey for all of us involved with Draftcoin and as usual, we want to thank everyone involved! We are enthused to announce that we have brought Draftcoin Staking & Masternodes to the BTCDraft Platform. We have started our Staking… Read more »

BTCDraft is proud to present “Gift Codes”

We at BTCDraft are happy to announce: You can now “Create” your own “Gift Codes” for ANY Currency within your own Btcdraft account! ( )     These “Gift Codes” are a great way to transfer funds from one account to another or to hand out to Friends and Family!     There is… Read more »

BTCDraft’s Quarter Time Easter Airdrop Extravaganza #airdrop #cryptocasino #bitcoin

BTCDraft’s Quarter Time Easter Airdrop Extravaganza Psst. Happy Easter     This Easter is BTCDraft’s Quarter Year Mark and to Celebrate we are doing an Easter egg airdrop! ( sound the alarm!! ) YOU get to decide your own fate ( April 21st ), Want lots of Goodies? Well now’s your chance to take complete… Read more »

BTCDraft’s 8th game Launches! Gold Digger! #cryptocasino #noico #bitcoin

  BTCDraft’s 8th game Launches! Gold Digger! The BTCDraft team is happy to announce that our 8TH game “Gold Digger” has been deployed LIVE with Fast and Slow play on the Btcdraft gaming web site. Currently FDFT is enabled. We are currently unaware of any critical issues that may hinder the game performance but if… Read more »

March 17th St Patrick’s Day Giveaway Results are IN! #Draftcoin #btcdraft

Today’s the day we Draw for that St.Patrick’s Day Gold Bullion Giveaway!     Due to High Demand we have decided to give away Ten (10) 1 Gram Gold Bullions *. At 10 Pm est we will draw 10 names from out user base of Verified users whom have played the minimum of 10 games. That does… Read more »

BTCDraft’s Famous St. Patrick’s Day Gold Bullion~ UPDATE 1 #Giveaway!

We are now down to the last 13 days before the St.Patricks Day Gold Bullion Giveaway!     Due to High Demand we have decided to give away Ten (10) 1 Gram Gold Bullions *.       Its SO SUPER SIMPLE!!! All you have to do is… Follow these 3 easy steps to qualify and if… Read more »

Baccarat is Now LIVE with DFT & FDFT! #cryptocasino #draftcoin

The BTCDraft team is happy to announce that our 7TH game “Baccarat” is Now LIVE with DFT & FDFT!. If you have any suggestion feel free to give feedback through our feedback form on the site. Some of these new games we have been releasing have very good payout rates,(37-1 Roulette,10-1 Baccarat) besides the normal… Read more »

BTCDraft’s Bounty Campaign #Cryptocasino #btcdraft #promotion

BTCDRAFT PRESENTS OUR BOUNTY CAMPAIGN!   BOUNTY ALLOCATION     Facebook Campaign: 20%. Twitter Campaign: 20%. Blogs Campaign: 18%. YouTube Campaign: 22%. Telegram Campaign: 10%. Yobit Campaign: 5%. Reddit Campaign: 5%. Length of time: Trial Test approx 4-8 Weeks Total coins set aside for Promotion: 100,000 DFT Start/End Date: Feb 20th – March/April 20th (trial) GENERAL RULES  … Read more »

BTCDraft’s 7th game Launches! Baccarat! #cryptocasino #draftcoin

                                           The BTCDraft team is happy to announce that our 7TH game “Baccarat” is about to be deployed LIVE within hours on the gaming Web site. We are aware of non-critical known issues that the development… Read more »

Over 50 Million DFT won to Date at the Btcdraft Casino!! #cryptocasino

Join Now @

BTCDraft’s Famous St. Patrick’s Day Gold Bullion #Giveaway!

First of all we here at BTCDraft inc. / Draftcoin would like to thank everyone for a successful 2018 year. After such great Success from last years St. Patrick’s day Gold Promo and because we appreciate you all, we have decided to continue the tradition! Let there be Gold!    We have decided like last… Read more »

Up to 150% Deposit Bonus Program

First Deposit Bonus Following rules* apply: 1) Deposit any accepted Cryptocurrency. 2) Play with DFT. 3) The more you play the higher the deposit bonus. Required min. deposit value: 1,250 DFT Max. counted deposit value: 250,000 DFT Payout System: Wager 10 x deposit value & receive an EXTRA 5% of original deposit value. Wager 30 x deposit value & receive an EXTRA 15% of… Read more »

Over 8.7 million DFT won now at the BTCDraft Casino!

                           Play and Win Today!

Valentines Day 2019 AIRDROP BONUS

Tis the Season for Giving and Receiving! Valentines Day is Less then ONE month away!! And its here! Congrats to everyone who participated, everyone received 116 DFT!   Everyone loves to Give and Receive.. so lets do it, DFT style… Give the Gift of DFT to your Loved ones for Valentines day, February 14th 2019.**… Read more »

BTCDraft – Casino is Open – Play & Win Today

BTCDraft’s Casino Now Open!        Come play live multiplayer Texas Hold-em, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice, Horse Racing, and more.  Complete Referral Program.  Deposit Bonuses, Play Bonuses, Progressive Table Jackpots, Scheduled and Sit and Go Tournaments.

BTCDraft’s Year End Poker Tournament

You’ve asked, and We have Listened! WHO?    BTCDraft Inc and Draftcoin tm Want to make your end of the year extra Special!! WHAT?    BTCDraft will be Hosting a Special Draftcoin DFT Poker ReBuy Tournament WHERE? WHEN?    December 29th 7PM Poker Time  HOW MUCH?    Cost is 1000 DFT + 100 entry fee to enter… Read more »

DFT AIRDROP: XMAS Announcement!!

To celebrate a successful year, BTCDraft has decided to Launch the DFT XMAS AIRDROP Campaign Once again!! The BTCDraft Airdrop is unique in its kind, Users are AirDroped DFT based on a few Factors including but not limited to: player activity, games played, deposits made, hands dealt, totals wagered, overall site use. Everything will be… Read more »

A Bounty Bonus Program

Altmarkets & BTCDraft Collaboration!  Announces A Bounty Bonus Program in association with DFT Draftcoin was designed in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, newcomers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as the gaming community awards. Users are able to increase their cryptocurrency holdings using the BTCDraft platform with generous staking rewards and playing fun games…. Read more »

DFT now listed on Exchange

Draftcoin BUY/SELL is now active on  Sign up now to trade.   Make sure to sign up to get the DFT Airdrop!

Coin voting now live – come vote for your coin to be listed in the casino

Get you coin listed to be available for exchange in the  casino.   You can nominate your coin suggestions by clicking here.   Please also remember to get you community to vote for your coin.  

SOFT OPEN STARTS TODAY – Rewards – Live Wallets and Live DFT games

SOFT OPEN STARTS TODAY: Hi Guys, Ok,  pushed hard and we have opened the wallets for live coin.  We still have some testing to complete, and of course, I am sure a few bugs to find. You can however, play with your real DFT at this time.   Come check out the work @,  more… Read more »

Stake your DFT at – Now Live

DFT staking is now live at Stake you DFT and earn POS rewards, pooled with others. Stakecube | Proof-of-Stake Pool Welcome to the fully automated and community driven Staking Pool.

Get your limited edition DraftCoin poker chips. Only 500 made

Please follow the steps on to apply for your own physical Draftcoin Poker chip which will be used as a 250$ Gift Coupon in the future! ONLY 500 Available, simple rules to collect, Request, Order and Validate.. BTCDRAFT Team   Validate your Order by submitting this form. We can only accept submissions that can be… Read more » is coming, transfer in process.

So, after winning the battle, the long awaited transfer of to us is in process.  

DFT is Live for trade on in BTC, DOGE and USD markets

DraftCoin is now trading on

DFT coming to Bitexlive Exchange

DFT is being welcomed to Bitexlive for trading this week.   Sign up for today.

WIPO Decision – BTCDraft Inc gets


DFT Available for purchase on

SimpleSwap is a simple and easy-to-use platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and limits. offers a limitless exchange more than 100 coins. Also we are pleased to list new coins appearing on the market. All in order for you to change what you want, when you want and as much as you… Read more »

Get Voting Folks!

If you haven’t already then please make your way to the coin voting section of our website to vote on your favourite coins to be listed. If you are unsure how to do this then please navigate through to our coin voting feature here, and sign up for an account if you don’t have one… Read more »

Yesterdays Tournament Snapshot

Looks like you guys have been kicking ass in the Draftcoin poker tournaments. Here is a snapshot from our awesome games yesterday. As you can see, our fearless leader Simon is being shown how to win properly by Jay. Keep up the good work all. More updates to follow, and more to come soon. Much… Read more »

Sit and Go Tournaments – Start 5 and 10 minutes after required players sign up.

Good evening DraftCoin friends. Tournaments are set as Sit and Go, they will begin after the minimum players have signed up for the tournament. There are two running tournament sets, one with 9 players minimum to start, the other with 15 player minimum. If you’d be interested in playing in our Poker tournament sign up… Read more »

We’re looking for Poker Players. We want YOU

Hey all. We’re looking to beta test or Poker platform before we go fully live, and who better to test it than you. All you need do is open the poker site and sign up if you have not created an account already. If you’re struggling with how to sign up, I’ve made a short… Read more »

Victoria Day Giveaway

To celebrate #VictoriaDay we are holding another giveaway: Retweet the following post and pick a number between 1 – 100: The closest 2 picks will win 250DFT each. Join our Telegram Lounge at

DFT Needs Poker players, Beta test tournement scheduled

Come play in BTC Drafts first Beta Poker tournament.  Register now at – Just click on tournaments, then View Details, then Register. If your account does not credit with the BETA coin on registration, just advise us in Telegram and we will fix it.  

Yobit InvestBox Update – New larger payout % – Now Available

We are happy to announce we have been able update our Investbox programs on Yobit. New InvestBoxes countdown timer: We have been hard at calculations of coin funding for investbox again and we have found a way to ensure long term support for a larger % payout on the Investbox programs. We hope to be… Read more »

DFT Multiplayer Poker series BETA released

Come test your poker skills against your friends. Our multiplayer Poker Lounge is now open for BETA testing. You can find live “Sit and Go” action in Texas Hold-em, Omaha and Stud poker games. Signup for the beta testing and tournament here DFT Live Poker Lobby “

See us in Kitchener – Waterloo at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Super Conference

Meet us in Canada from 13-15 July, 2018 on the Blockchain Super Conference. Staff Members Simon, James, Matthew and Zlatan will attend the event and hope to meet you. Zlatan is going to be a speaker, read more about his presentation here: Hope to see you there!

FUBT – DFT Launch Exchange Promotion

TRANSLATED FROM ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW: Event Announcement】 Heavy Attack! DraftCoin (DFT) lands rich bits! Release time: 2018-05-02 10:14:51 Event time: May 2nd, May 15:00 15:00 – May 6th, May 18th, 24:00 Event Object: Hong Kong Rich Bit User Activity Details: One, recharge the coin During the activity period, the net purchase DFT10000 immediately sent 500DFT,… Read more »

DraftCoin to be Listed on FUBT exchange in Hong Kong

FUBT to add DraftCoin (DFT) on May 2nd – 2018

FREE Physical Draftcoin for Masternode Owners

  In this promotion every Masternode that has been registered with us is eligible to receive a physical Draftcoin from our limited Edition print. This Promotion is limited to 500 Coins. How to participate: Registered Masternode Owners please fill out this form:

Arbitrage Updates

BTCDraft brings you the best live arbitrage opportunities. Please go to the Faucet section or Member Area of the website to register and learn on how to view the arbitrage section which will be displayed below.

CryptalDash Confirms DFT to be listed on exchange

Today CryptalDash confirmed DFT is to be listed on CryptalDash’s new exchange. Make sure to register for CryptalDash’s new exchange here: Sign Up for CryptalDash’s new exchange

Return of Yobit Investboxes

We are happy to announce we have been able to bring back our Investbox programs to Yobit. We have been hard at calculations of coin funding for investbox and we think we have found a way to ensure long term support for the Investbox programs. We hope to be able to support these Investbox programs… Read more »

CryptalDash Exchange – Confirms DFT to be listed

CryptalDash confirms DFT to be listed. Continue to show your further support by clicking the link below. Click the image below, and select DraftCoin(DFT).

Votes are in and you have spoken

Thank you for all your votes to introduce new coins into our platform. In the last voting session you have chosen these cryptocurrencies: FUTUROCOIN, INFINITY ECONOMICS, DEEPONION, STRONGHANDS, and DRAFTCOIN. These will be introduced for trading on 18.04.2018. Thank you again for your continued participation.

DraftCoin to be listed on 4-18

Thanks to the great DFT community support, DraftCoin will be listed on on April 18th. Stay tuned for further details.

Easter Promotion: Win 20$ worth of DFT!

We are starting a new Promotion for Easter! Retweet our Promo Post on Twitter and be sure to include numbers and positions of the Easter Eggs we have hidden on our website – there is a total of 5 to be found! To see the code, you might have to open the image (rightclick +… Read more »

BTCDraft welcomes you the initial BETA testing of our new site

BTCDraft welcomes you to the initial BETA testing of our new site starting this Wednesday (2018-03-28). ” Pardon our dust, we are still under construction! “ To join in on the Beta, join our channel btcdraftcoins BTCDraft On Telegram ( for information on how to join in. During this first round of the Beta, we… Read more »

BTCDraft shared Masternode Service

We are pleased to announce an official shared Masternode Service for Draftcoin investors! We set up several pools for stake sizes of 500, 1.000, 2.500, 5.000 and 10.000 DFT – for more information about rules and how to apply for your spot, please visit To start the Service, the first 100 Masternode Spots will… Read more »

Investbox Update!

As of Wednesday 14th March, all investbox daily turnovers will be reduced to 1%. This is due to many people in our community holding a large amount of DFT coins in our investbox. We have already run out of the allotted coins for this and are now supplementing the investbox by using coins we had… Read more »

Have you tried out our Beta Games yet?

If you have read our last development updates you probably noticed that they are all about the infrastructure of the BTCDraft platform. But don´t worry, we are also working hard on the gaming side of the app. Here is a Overview of games that can currently be tested: Please note: Not all games are skinned… Read more »

St Patricks Day Special: Win 1 Gram of Gold

Shout out to our community. We have an amazing special offer up for grabs! Our four lucky winners are: @jeroen_demeyer @Jesseladouceur1 @maheshw6 @Aerotekx2 Congratulations! They have won 1 gram of Gold for taking part in our St Patricks Day competition. All you need do is retweet this post, follow us on twitter, and join our… Read more »


Announcement: New Investment Boxes in March The February Invest Boxes on YoBit are about to end. But good news, March investboxes have just started! Your existing 6% and 5% invesboxes whill not gain any more rewards after the 28th, Instead move them to the new March investboxes as follows. – 4% daily, min 5000 DFT… Read more »

Binance Application in Progress!

We are proud and happy to announce that is reviewing our application to have Draftcoin listed. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Valentines Day Special: Nominate a loved one

Do you have someone special in your life? Are you someone that loves to shower your significant other with lovely amazing presents and love every year for valentines day? Why not do something different? This year for valentines day, Draftcoin are giving out 10 lucky winners a shower of Draftcoins to their personal wallets. To… Read more »

We are now LIVE on

Thankfully, those of you that were getting tired with the same old blue and white colour-scheme of Yobit can now rest easy because we’re listed on here:  as of February 2018, so don’t delay, register and sign up to trade some coins today. If you are under the impression that is all we have… Read more »


Announcement: Hey everyone! The official announcement on the status of current and ongoing invest boxes on YoBit. We understand that this issue has been a hot topic on the Telegram group over the past few days and we wanted to clarify a few things. Firstly, when the invest box was first created, a set number… Read more »