Development Updates

We love to keep you engaged with continuous development updates of BTCDraft.
We will update this page when any news comes out!

Security, Account Recovery, Exchange Infrastructure
  • Improved Admin and User Security and Notification Structure
  • Database Infrastructure on Sign-up to prevent Users from locking out
  • Improved ease of use and usability for users and account password recovery.
  • Improved Infrastructure for the internal Currency Exchange
February 18, 2018
Improvements on game administration and implementation
  • Improved game administration and implementation
  • Improved game module integration
  • Hardening of account security for users to reduce impact of compromised passwords.
  • Allow for easier recovery of compromised accounts and locking out compromised sessions.
February 10, 2018
2FA and support improvements, DFT added to coinexchange
  • improved security and 2fa implementation
  • fixed a bug on currency management
  • further improvement on customer support integration
  • Draftcoin got listed at coinexchange
  • improved backend wallet management
February 9, 2018
2FA, Game Prototypes, Support System & Beta signup
  • added poker game prototype
  • added dice game prototype
  • added support ticket functionality
  • improvements on internal DFT exchange
  • added 2fa authentification for increased security
  • beta test signup opened:
February 2, 2018
Referral Program, Credits & Profiles
  • Customisable public profiles
  • Implementation of referral program
  • FAQ page created with updates to come
  • Integration of credit function
  • Continued game section development
  • General bug fixes
January 19, 2018
Game Related Functionality
  • Begin development of game section
  • Notification feature integrated
  • Various site functionality updates
  • General bug fixes
January 3, 2018
Coin Voting
  • Coin voting functionality added
  • User coin voting feature enabled
  • Email notification implementation and testing
  • Added user profile security features
  • General bug fixes
December 23, 2017
  • Withdrawal functionality created
  • Email communication implemented for withdrawals
  • Enhanced security features for withdrawals added
  • USD Balance feature was integrated
  • General bug fixes
December 14, 2017