BTCDraft welcomes you the initial BETA testing of our new site

BTCDraft welcomes you to the initial BETA testing of our new site starting this Wednesday (2018-03-28).

” Pardon our dust, we are still under construction! “

To join in on the Beta, join our channel btcdraftcoins BTCDraft On Telegram ( for information on how to join in.

During this first round of the Beta, we will be primarily testing back end services, user controls, light game functions and registration services. During this period we may have areas we want you to focus on, we will email you information to your registered account address as those items come to focus.

Testing Plans: ( These are initial, and subject to addition/change)

Stage 1: User registrations, email, validation systems.

Stage 2: Games, game integration, scoring

Stage 3: Local exchange testing

Stage 4: Full wallet testing



The user graphics and layout are still being finalized, you should start seeing changes in the UI/UX layout, new graphics and look as we move forward through the testing.

Please note that the site is actively being worked on during this testing period, there are times where features / functions are not working. We will try to note those on your homepage upon login.


For bug reporting, or issues with user function. Please provide us with a repeatable sequence of use/events that can re-produce the bug/issue that you have found.

Please address all bug report emails to [email protected]. Please include the following items:

Your Name:

Your Account Name:

Contact Email:

Location of bug found (where in site):

Detailed description of the issue / bug found, including steps to repeat.

Our on staff support group will respond to you with any questions.

Thank You, we look forward to your results.